Silesia Farm is more than just an association of independent pharmacies.

We are the people. People who believe that, together we can achieve more...


Who we are?

The basic foundation of a good relationship is efficient and effective communication. We lead with that when cooperating with our clients and coworkers. We aim to turn every cooperation into a partnership, we want you to feel like you're part of our team. It's important for you to know that cooperation between a manufacturer and an individual pharmacy can and should be simple and transparent.

At Silesia Farm, we care about our customers. We create strategic solutions for pharmacies and manufacturers and guarantee an individual approach. To show that we respect your time, we will deliver the products discussed and agreed upon.


Silesia Farm is fully authorized to mediate in the trade of medicinal products, in accordance with the entry in the National Register of Brokers in Trade in Medicinal Products no. GIF RP 00176. At the moment, we work with over 140 producers and distributors of pharmaceuticals, medical products, and dietary supplements, as well as leading pharmaceutical wholesalers in Poland. 


01. We don't like wasting time


We have been associated with the pharmaceutical industry for years. Our eleven years of expertise in the Polish pharmaceutical market has strengthened our position as a leader in the Virtual Networks segment according to the IQVIA ranking. Our cooperation with IQVIA and FARMAPROM is clear and transparent, just like all client partnerships.


02. Uniting 202 independent pharmacies


Silesia Farm's development is focused on cooperation with independent pharmacies. This does not release us from the obligation to respect the independence of pharmacies cooperating with us.


03. Succeeding thanks to you


Our success on the market would not be possible without the work and commitment of incredible specialists who make up our team and the owners of independent pharmacies that cooperate with us.


04.  Cultivating relationships with our clients.

We take care to meet your needs and ensure contact at the highest level.

Silesia Farm in a

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Our mission

Silesia Farm's mission is to provide a better future for independent pharmacies in Poland and worldwide.

We aim to facilitate independent pharmacy management. The admin panel we provide for our partners is easy to navigate, provides access to promotions, order history, leaflets, and much more.

Why do customers choose us?

An individual approach, combined with simple and transparent communication, makes us stand out in the industry.

Clients look to cooperate with reliable companies, whom they can trust - like Silesia Farm. Additionally, We have over a decade of experience in the pharmaceutical industry in Poland and the authorization to act as an intermediary in the trade of medicinal products.

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Get to know us better

Bogdan Szydłak & Sławomir Strychalski
Bogdan Szydłak & Sławomir Strychalski
— Co-owners of Silesia Farm

We are practitioners associated with the pharmaceutical field, who do not waste their time. We believe that cooperation between manufacturers and independent pharmacies can be made as simple as possible. In addition to that, we always make each business relationship efficient and effective.  


During 11 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, the main focus has always been to provide a better future for independent pharmacies in Poland and worldwide. 


A good business relationship is the most important aspect for us. We treat our customers and co-workers as partners!

  • Bogdan Szydłak

    Bogdan Szydłak

    Founder — CEO
  • Sławomir Strychalski

    Sławomir Strychalski

    Founder — VP Commercial
  • Ewa Wiśniewska

    Ewa Wiśniewska

    Customer service representative
  • Marcin Strychalski

    Marcin Strychalski

    Sales Director, Pharmacy Chains
  • Magdalena Myszk

    Magdalena Myszk

    Coordinating director
  • Kamil Mucha

    Kamil Mucha

    Business analyst
  • Małgorzata Czabok

    Małgorzata Czabok

    Sales representative
  • Aleksandra Kieszek

    Aleksandra Kieszek

    Sales representative
  • Anna Grabowska

    Anna Grabowska

    Analityk biznesowy

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