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  • Our business relationship with Silesia Farm is a pleasure! Their well-functioning business model creates fantastic contact with all team members. It is a task-oriented environment that delivers products and services on time! Every time! Despite the fact that the entire team is extremely helpful, having access to a designated guardian saves everyone's time. We have been working together successfully for years now. Highly recommended!

    — Apteka Brzozowa
  • Anita Grudzińska, kierownik ds. kluczowych klientów firmy, Grupa Sanofi

    Silesia Farm is a significant business partner for Sanofi Group. Our cooperation has lasted for almost a decade! During this time we had a chance to elaborate well designed and most importantly, beneficial for both parties principles of cooperation, create common goals and implement them. The entire process took place at a professional level. Together we develop our businesses with a very mindful approach, implementing the best solutions possible. We take our working experience as a priceless lesson, leading us to the next level of our business adventure.

    — Anita Grudzińska, kierownik ds. kluczowych klientów firmy, Grupa Sanofi
  • Very good business cooperation that has been going on for many years. On the one hand, we have extraordinary professionalism; thus on the other, a fantastic atmosphere created on every day basis by exceptional individuals with passion. Business trips to Silesia Farm have always been a great and productive experience.

    — Jacek Aleksander Żurawski, starszy menedżer regionalny działu OTC, Orifarm
  • Gedeon Richter has been closely working with the Silesia Farm chain for almost 10 years now. From the very beginning, our business relationship has been extremely professional and  at the same time full of joy. With various turbulences and changes that happened along the way on the pharmaceutical market, we have always been able to depend on the reliability and broad competence of the employees of Silesia Farm.

    — Agata Jaworska, przedstawiciel farmaceutyczny, Gedeon Richter
  • In a few words, Silesia Farm is a very credible, trustworthy and solid business partner with whom we have been successfully cooperating since 2012. From the very first day, our business relationship was mainly based on mutual respect, as well as great flexibility in solving any problems related to the constantly evolving pharmaceutical market in Poland nowadays.

    — Jakub Bubula, kierownik ds. rynku aptecznego, Lekam


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